It time to finish off the kitchen!

Installing the appliances makes all the difference in the world!
Finishing off the cabinets includes a rounded molding both top and bottom.
It's tricky to install and align so its slow going and checking about 100,000 times before making the cut - just to be sure.

We did run into a major problem (acutually two)
The curved moldings where taller and darker than
the straight (see picture on the right).

The manufacturer did make it right but it took what
seemed like endless communications to help them
understand the two problems.
The final results looks great!

Door handles - who can live without them?
Here are a few shots of the curved handles we installed on
our drawers and doors.

Counter tops are next!
This is a job for the experts!

Each area must be measured.
Then the measurements are transferred to pattern material..

Then fit the pattern piece in place and do any final adjustments.
We want a breakfast bar so that has to be designed and patterned also.

Carry the counter on down to cover the raised wall divider.
Every detail must be included in the pattern.
Put the bar pattern in place gives one a good visual of what it will look like.
Wet counter with the small sink lined out.
Every piece is in place. Now is the time to make any changes!
We will have a small counter in the corner for telephone.
Next - the counter arrive - stay tuned!