The kitchen cabinets have arrived from Kitchen Craft a while ago so lets get them up!

We chose these cabinets for their radious end cabinets that we felt goes so well with the soft curves of the domes. They where the only manufacturer that offered the curved fronts in rustic alder also.

The walls are up and ready to prime and paint.
Primed and ready for color. (Beth where are you?)
First set of cabinets on the north wall.
Another view of the same wall.

Lower cabinets are installed plus the stove too!
Follow the wall around to the left you see the dishwasher
and sink cabinet plus the corner cabinet.

Continuing around to the left (south side) is the open serving bar.
On the east wall is a pantry cabinet (left), frig opening and top cabinets.

Another couple views of the east wall.

This wall has the pantry, refrigerator, and will also have a small bar sink under the overhead cabinets. The doors are open so that we can install frosted glass in them.

Note that this area is out of the work area of the kitchen thus when one gets a drink they will not interfere with the food preparation going on. Also its right off the patio so its very convenient. Additionally just behind the wall is a powder room so one does not have to travel through the house to use the facilities.

Note: This beverage area is away from the food preparation or working area of the kithcen. Also it is very convenient from the patio.