Mountainview Dome Construction Progress!
At this time there is none since we are still waiting for our blue prints and can not start anything without them.

November 2002 - our drawing s have arrived! We have taken them to the county for approval and permits so we are on our way!
Hopefully we will have progress to show you. In the mean time we are attempting to fix our creek crossing. Check it out!

11/14/02 We have our building permit!!!!!
We met with our dome builder Mert Hull and setting up times to get our house started.
Things are starting to move now!

December 2002- We have done our final grading of the house site and have plenty of room for the house. Using marking paint we have drawn out our house on the ground. Sure wonder if its large enough just looking at the markings. Its very difficult to get a real idea of sizes when its one dimensional. Having disturbed a great deal of earth in the process of opening up the land for the house Beth is seeding the area with natural grasses. Also need to mention that we met with the county and got an agreement on how they wanted to inspect our dome. This being the first one in this county we felt it was worth the additional effort. Notice Beth's short sleeves in December!!

January 2003 - The utilities are started! Trenches running all over the place.

The trailer electrical and water is now in place (so we can move closer to our project - soon) as well as the lead ins to the house electrical and water. We have also worked a great deal on our bridge. You can check up on it at the Creek Crossing.

February 2003 - Things are starting to happen! Finally!!!
We have started on the footings for the house and the Airforms.
In order to document everything as it happens and in detail I will designate separate pages that you can jump to by clicking in the link (word) below.

June 2003
Things are picking up! Mert Hull our dome contractor has begun moving equipment onto the site!
Be sure to check the Dome Shell Page often. This page(s) will be updated at least once a week of the last weeks activities so come back often!

Make a quick jump to: Shop/Garage shell, 2nd garage and Patio, Bedroom dome.

July 2003Progress continues! As of the 22nd we have 5 domes up! Two more to go!

August 2003
The house is up!!!! Check it out - the last two domes go up!

September 2003
The exterior might be up but there is a ton of stuff to do inside to make it a solid structure.
Foam - stickers - openings blocked out - pre-shell - rebar and more rebar - shotcrete - sand coat

October 2003
Things are taking shape and starting to look like the concept pictures. The exterior (inside the dome) vertical walls go up and get shotcrete.
MountainView will participate in the annual National Monolithic Dome tour this year - stop by!
Live too fare away? Check out domes in your area:

November 2003
Windows are installed in all the buildings.
The garages and shop building are stuccoed inside.
Exterior vertical walls are covered and ready for the final stucco coatings.
Exterior exposed flat areas are prepped for concrete.
The interior of the house is filled up to pre-floor levels.

December 2003
Our plumber got very busy as did our electrician this month.
All the underground 'stuff' piles and conduit is underground now!
We built and poured the footing for the Kitchen wall next to the patio. We left this wall out so we could drive through the opening with the Bobcat to deliver tons of fill to bring up the level of the floor.

January 2004
Some exterior finish work is being done as well as a lot of work inside the garages and shop area. Walls are up and the storage loft area is floating and ready to be used! Now we have to haul all our stuff up the hill and into the garages. Any volunteers?

February 2004
Most of our time has been inside due to the cooler weather. (Notice I said cooler. Its notating like the Chicago weather we experienced for over 30 years) Sorry - I am getting off track!
The plumbing has been roughed in under ground as well as the electrical.
We have re-leveled the floor (again) and installed the insulation and 6x6 remesh and the heating tubes are attached. Now we are ready for the concrete floor throughout the house.
We have painted the entire inside of the three shells that make up the house. 25 gallons of primer and 35 gallons of paint! Man I really dislike painting!