Fill dirt has been hauled inside and leveled to the point where we can actually park the truck!
Electrical and plumbing must be installed below the floor level so lets dig it up again!!
Shop/Garage floor
We plan to heat the floor in the shop as well as install a vacuum system and air system so we need to do that now!
Using 6" pvc pipe for the vacuum system to delivery points in the center of the room as well as the far end. The origin (closest green pipe) is actually in the garage.
Being buried in the ground it should be grounded sufficiently!
What a mess! It was so level before - oh well, start all over again!
Shop is leveled (again) and the electrical is in the floor (see short can to the left of the PVC) and we have added the piping for the pressure system with outlets in four places inside the shop.
Since the shop is going to be heated we have
to pour it separately from the garages so we installed a form for the concrete..
Insulation is rolled out so we don't
heat the ground under the floor.
RAY! Wake up the job
isn't done yet!
Laying out the heating tubes.
The tubes are wire tied down to the remash
wire so they don't float to the surface.
Final attachment of the heating
tubes to the supply pipe are done!
Remesh is installed throughout the
shop and garage and all is ready
to pour the concrete Floor!
Here comes the concrete!
Concrete starts in the garage too! Finish work - make it smooth guys! View into shop. View into the garages.
Interior walls and storage area above garages.
The shop will have a wall separating it from the garages and the area above the garages will for storage. In this photo you see the start of the wall with a double door opening from the shop to the garages.
The storage area will be supported in the center (between garages) by suspending it from the junction of the two domes. This will allow us to sheetrock the garages ceiling flush across both garages. Don't worry the domes are plenty strong to support the floor,.
The storage floor is taking shape. In the right photo we have added the double doors into the shop wall.
We intentionally are leaving the back and front of the storage area open rather than bring it to the dome walls. On the right is the start of the storage wall on the north side if the garages.
The storage area is taking shape.

We have added the two doors. One opening to the storage area and the second opens to the mud closet. the area just inside the door (on the left) from the patio and in front of the two doors is our mud area. A place to remove the muddy clothing etc before going into the house.
Deck of the storage area and some detail shots of the beam..
Garage doors have been installed. Notice the open area between he vertical wall and the storage area. Its kind of cool to see the domes rise above the ceiling created by the storage area.
Again here we must float our walls (they can't touch the ceiling (dome)) so we mount the top channel shout of the dome surface. Then we drilled a hole through the channel and into the dome concrete. Then inserting a piece of rebar through the hole and epoxying it into the dome complete the process. this will allow the wall to move vertically (if it ever does) but still be horizontally stable.
Here are a couple of shots I laced together of the front and rear of the garages.
The final touches. (well almost)
Yep! More paint! We would be lost
without this paint sprayer and power roller!
Lesson - paint before the floor and
doors etc are installed. What a pain
to have to tape off everything!
A couple of shots of the finished walls.