- page 3 SUMMER 2003
Things are popping now! Our domes are popping up left and right!
Check out the current construction!

The grasses have grown very tall and starting to dry up a bit but that's normal for the dryness here.
Pueblo has broken about five heat records so far this month so its been hot but for all our Illinois friends and relatives its still much more comfortable than the Illinois weather. With very little humidity its very tolerable!
What makes it even nicer it drops from 30 to 40 degrees at night so 100 during the day to 70 at night is very bearable.
Our dome home will be very insulated and with the concrete on the inside it will be very stable temperature wise also.
Experimenting in the middle of the summer we held a thermometer shading it with our body on the west side of the domes it read 98 and then we moved into the garage domes that are not sealed up at all and the thermometer read 78 WOW 20 degrees difference and not closed up - is that proof positive or what!?!
We may have all seven domes up by the end of July! That would be a great way to calibrate our 35th anniversary!

FALL 2003
Its now fall (October) and we definitely did get all seven domes up by the end of July. We have been so busy that we have not had much time to update this web site but we are trying to remade that now. On the 18th of October we have agreed to participate in the national Monolithic Dome tour. Stop by if you are in the area or search for domes in your area at: http://www.monolithicdome.com .
Besides our house changing before our eyes there are a lot of changes going on around us also.
Different Vegetation is popping up and we capture it when we have a chance as well as nature visits.
Deer, Elk, Antelope as well as a porcupine, a few snakes (red racer was beautiful but I didn't get a picture of it - sorry) and a bear (that we haven to seen but see its footprints and droppings).

Torancilla Cows - - - - - - - - - - - - - Antelope - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Deer Bird Fall Colors First Snow Sept. Oct Snow
- - - - - - - - - Bull Snakes (they are the good ones to keep!) - - - - - - - - - - Barn Swallow Nest
Winter 2003
Its been so mild out here (sorry our former Chicago friends) that we have been able to keep working just about every day! December and January at times has been shirt sleeve weather! Can you tell we love it out here?!!

Its a new year!January 2004 has brought some snow and for all our friends back in Illinois snow really does stay white until it melts! Sorry just had to rub it in.
Our house is closed in now so we can work on the insides in comfort.
As you can note this is a major revision of our web pages. We hope you enjoy them!

Wow I am really behind on this page!
Its now June 2004!
The weather has become more stable and dry so Mert has started finishing the openings in each dome and applying the exterior elastomer coatings.
We got our interior floor poured, stained and sealed so now we are working on the interior walls.
Man its starting to really look like a house - inside and out!

July 2004
Through June we started the interior walls after the floor was sealed. The kitchen is framed out and the private dome is shaping up very well. A death in the family and a trip to Chicago has set us back a bit. We may move in by Christmas! At least that's what I have been telling everyone for a year now! :-)

February 2005
Wow times flies especially when you are having fun! Since July we have been concentrating on finishing the house interior and Mert (dome builder) complete the exterior. We moved into our new home two weeks before Christmas !!
What a great holiday season we had in our new home. Still living with boxes but everything we own is now in either the house or garage. The 40 foot container moved out in December. What a difference from living in a trailer!

March 2005
We continue to finish out the interior of the house. More moldings are up and the pocket doors are finished and installed and all but one door opening is trimmed out. Even got tow of the three by-fold doors finished and up. Now there is a door on the hall linen closet and guest bedroom.
A sad note Copher our family pet for the last 10 years developed cancer and we had to put her to sleep. We where amazed at how well she adapted to country life being a city dog up till a couple of years ago.

June 2005

Six months living in our extreme home! WOW!! It is so quiet inside! We have to look out a window or observe the water in the toilet moving to even know that its windy out! Why does the water move? no its not because the house is shaking - its the changes in the air pressure in the exhaust vents cause by the winds.
It has gotten up to 100 outside during the day so we leave the house closed up and it has gotten to 75 inside. We open it up at night and with a breeze we cool down again at night so in the morning its about 70 inside. Having the thermal mass of the concrete inside the domes stay pretty much the same temperature all the time.
We have stated to concentrate on the exterior of our domes. We have done a lot of filling around the domes and presently are working on the sidewalk to the front door.

June 2006

Wow does time fly! Especially when we are having fun. This year is starting out very dry. We have had little snow and even less rain. We still have some interior stuff to do like moldings etc. Anyone have a good source for curved moldings. Or moldings that will curve around a curved wall? We are experimenting with a few ideas now.
Ray has had time to do some woodworking. He built a book case with doors etc. He even made the door handles. The customer was extremely pleased.
Ray did (finally) finish the built in for our bathroom space between the shower and the wall. Having purchased 4 doors when we ordered the vanity we where able to make everything match. The difficult thing to do was take full advantage of the space thus the lower shelves are much deeper than the upper ones. Secondly putting it in placed once it was built was an interesting task but with the assistance of a couple of friends (strong friends) we where able to get it into the small space and it fit!
Now on to the built in in he study and the entertainment center for the front room.