page 2 SPRING 2003
4/24/03 Moving day (again)!
In order to be closer to the action and save some money on rent we have rented a couple of storage containers and had them placed on our property so we can stuff all our worldly belongings into them for safe keeping. Needless to say nothing comes easily.
Semi starting across bridge Sinks down into roadbase Digging it out
A railroad tie under the wheel helps Now its time to get stuck on the other side! In place Wew!

Guess that's what happens after a snow storm

4/24/03 Moving day!

<--- First thing in the morning - is this a good sign? Apparently it was because the move went very well! Two trucks and three men and everything is packed up..
Here comes the trucks!
(Now we have to unload them).

Spring is popping up out here in Colorado.
Blooming Cactus