Lets move on to the private dome that will have a bathroom,
guest bedroom, study and a master bedroom and bath.

Measure - measure and re-measure. Once the base plates are down its real tough to change!
The dividing wall is starting to take shape.

Adding a few more walls helps hold things in place.
Another view looking into the open dome.

Her the study is framed in - notice the ceiling is the dome.
A view from above!

Since we are putting in 9' ceilings above the guest room, one bathroom and the hallway we will need headers over the doorways.

Master bath shower layout - we are still trying to figure this out!
But we are organized! Note each cutoff has its length written on it.
Much easier to find what you need for the short curved pieces that finish the wall up to the dome.

Storage area construction.
I joists have been lifted and installed on top of the walls.
Another view.

OK now the fun part!
How to bring the I Joists over to meet the dome?
After a few phone calls even to the mfacturer of the I Joists we have a solution!

Measure the top and the bottom distances from the I Joist to the wall at the marks we made.
Transfer those measurements to an I Joist.

Measure a 3/4" piece of plywood to act as a filler onto both sides of the I Joist.

Screw it in place
Carefully whack off at the angle we previously measured.

Here are the two brackets that where recommended to mount the I Joist.
Mounting the adjustable bracket is a bit tricky.
Screw the base into place and then bend it up onto the angle cut.
Anchor it in place. Do not bend the adjustable tabs until its in place against the wall
since each one will be different.

Doing this alone is a real pain!
Using a rope and 2x4 above the I Joists I was able to tie it up
and get it in place.

View of the entire row in place and anchored.

A couple of additional views. Note the tapcon concrete screws that anchor each bracket.

Thanks to our good neighbor Bill, we where able to install the decking with ease!
Bill was also instrumental in assisting us with the walls.
Things are shaping up! Now to complete the wall.
Notice the steel strapping chris crossing the walls.
It really strengthens the walls!
Its well worth the investment

Our son Robert drove out from Illinois (on his motorcycle) to see the domes and
help. Here we are doing some final touches around the pocket doors.

Finishing up the walls in the master bedroom. We decided to set the upper wall back a bit rather than have a very tall wall going straight up to the dome like we have in the study. Sorry Jim we varied from the plan but I think you will like it!