Now that the floors are cured, stained and sealed we can move onto the interior walls!

Supplies arrive!
All the steel that will divide up this entire area is ready to go!
So lets start in the kitchen dome!

Now the fun part! Figuring out where the walls should be placed.
We started by lying the track on the floor where we think it should go.
Then aligning it to the pipes etc that should come out of the floor and into the walls.

The track must be anchored to the floor but we must be careful because it is a radiant floor and has the heating tubes imbedded into it. Certainly do not want to punch a hole into the tubing!! So we opted to use industrial adhesive and manually pound concrete nails into the floor to fasten the track in place.

As we lay out the wall bottom channel we also cut the holes
to allow the pipes etc to lay in the middle of the wall cavity and
once its in place we apply the adhesive and nail it down.

Wow - the laundry room is taking shape!
We wanted to curve the bar height divider wall and what's the fun
in purchasing a curved wall product when you can make it yourself?
Here I am deciding how I want to cut the spaces so the track can curve.

OK now the fun part (if you can call it that).
It looks OK - but will it work?

Gee it looks pretty good!
Lets try it!

The short wall is taking shape!
Having cut a lot of metal away its kind of mushy.

So I added a wood stiffener beneath the top curve. Plus a little industrial glue and its solid!
Wow one can start to see the wall shapes and how things will eventually look.

In order to hand kitchen cabinets we are adding some blocking (2x4's)

Moving on to the private (bedroom) dome.
There are a lot more walls in this dome.
Some will go to the dome and the bathrooms and guest bedroom will have 9' ceilings.

One way to join the track is to place a piece of metal stud
at the joint and screw it togetner as illustrated in this picture.

We found it much easier to use self tapping screws (right)
versus regular metal screws. Ther is no pre-drilling with the self tappers.