Now that the floor is dry and has had a quick sanding to knock off the ridges its ready for staining.
Dave (Montano Concrete) grinds the expansion joints to dress them up.

After a great bit of discussion on our part as well as with Dave we decided on a design for the center of the great room.

We figured we would dress it up since we had to have the expansion joints running across the room.

Dave cuts the design into the floor with a diamond grinder.

The layout is done.
Lots of stains to choose from!

The stain is hand sprayed on in successive coats.

Dave hand brushes the design onto the floor.
The design looks too washed out to us.

So we hand sanded the design areas to smooth them out and hoping that they would take the stains more evenly.
Two days of reclining on the floor and sanding concrete - fun?

Success! It worked.
After giving the stain time to dry the floor was sealed so that we won't mess it up as we construct the walls.

Now on to the walls!!