Finally we are ready for the floor!
Prep work - Dave Montano of Montano Concrete spent the better part of an entire day figuring out where to make the expansion joints. We spent quite a bit of time on the great room floor deciding how to add the expansion joints and having them look good.

Like always - something must go wrong! the pump truck was ordered to hose pump
the 30 yards of concrete into the 3 domes. The driver didn't bring the correct
connectors so the hoses can't be attached.
So through the door we go!

Wheel barrels are ready! We scrambled all over the place
find them at the last minute!
The lineup! they are ready!.

The first load goes into the utility room
Kitchen dome is almost done.

On into the great room.
All the trucks are lined up and ready to dump.
Hurry up guys!

Great room half done.
On into the private dome.

Move the truck over to the bedroom door.
Almost finished!

Bubbles. Hey is the heating tubes leaking?
No just the air from the cement coming up.
Wow had me worried for a minute.
Start the hand finishing.

And move right along through the house.

What to do with the left over cement? How about some yard art?
I am sure we will find a place for our Coyote.