We have a choice to paint before anything is in the interior of the house
or wait and paint after.

Waiting would require us to tape off everything! We did that in the garage/shop and what a pain that was!
So we decided to prime and paint before anything is in the inside and the floor is relatively flat so we can move the scaffolding around more easily.
All suited up and starting to spray.
The lower half is coated with color
but that's after the 35 gallons of
primer has been applied to everything.
Spraying the bumpy stucco with the soft yellow just didn't cover well.
We experimented with a roller. See the difference?
Rolled surface is much more even in color.
Man its a long way up here!
You have to have your face in it to apply enough
pressure with the roller for it to look right.
Did I ever tell you how much I hate painting?
45 gallons of color and we are done!