Have you noticed the opening above the hallway door?
Its the attic opening and faces the great room.

Our neighbor in Oak Park came running down with something all rolled up in a shippers blanket as we here packing the moving van. "Here put this on the truck" he indicated.
We couldn't do that without seeing what was all wrapped up first.
He had bundled up an old stained glass window complete with hinges!
It needed a little work on the frame but we value it a great deal.

Thanks John!
After refinishing the frame it looks beautiful!
We built a wall frame for it so it would become part of the wall.
Here it is with the attic light on.
It make a great night light too!

That pretty well covers the walls and there is a lot of room left on the page so lets not waste it!

We installed pocket doors for all doors but two.
We purchased knotty pine doors and decided to dress them up a little.
Close ups of the routing detail.

OK now that we have them decorated how will we get them finished?

Assembly line works for us!
Using 3" drywall screws screwed into the center of the top and bottom of each door so that the door will turn over sounded like a good idea. (Only after using nails and they pull out and the door fell off!)

Also note the leg at one corner to help stabilize the door from swinging in the wind.
This made it very easy to stain and finish coat all sides of the doors.
Coat one side and flip it over and coat the second side and they all dry at the same time!

We used Varathane (rather than Polyurethane) since it allows recoating without sanding within four hours and Polyurethane requires you to let it dry fully and sand before applying a second coat.
That sanding can be a lot of extra work!

The doors are ready to hang.

We also have the by-fold doors for the closets but the center rail is quite narrow as compared to the full doors so the design has to change.

Close up look of routing detail.
Linen closet at the end of the hall.

Guest closet.
Front hall closet.