The final exterior opening (wall) to close up is the Kitchen wall facing the patio.
Since we used this opening to drive the Bobcat through to add the fill to the interior to level off the floor it was left open.
We used metal studs to form the vertical wall.
Again this has to be a floating wall.
Mark is spraying the lip onto the kitchen dome so it matches
the garage dome opening just across the patio.
On the inside we sprayed the wall with foam so it
has the same R-Factor as the rest of the dome.
Adding sheet rock and stucco onto the foam after shaping it so it flows
with the dome junction its about ready to paint.
A couple of view of the finish work before priming and painting.
All finished! Now that looks quite a bit better!
Down to some of the final details!
We finished off the wall to floor area with some basic moldings.
I am sure glad that Beth loves to paint!!
Even into the night!
Looking for a solution as to how to hold the moldings to the wall could be a difficult problem but after stumbling over all the paint and stucco buckets we just filled them with dirt and let them do the job for us. It works great!