Now things are rolling along at high speed. Hang-Um-High Drywall is doing a great job swinging those 12' long sheets of drywall around.

The wall separating the open dome and the private dome is up!
And not long after it is taped.

A little more mud and its about ready to prime and paint.
The hallway is beginning to look great.

Hope the electrician isn't looking right now! All the power boxes are a bit filled up right now.

Having stuccoed dome walls we felt that just flat walls would not blend
with them so we had the drywallers apply texture to all the flat walls
except in the bathrooms and closets.
Take a close look to see the random pattern they came up with.
There is still the space between the drywall and the dome.
Because all the walls have to float, we have to fill the space
with backer-rod and then caulk it in place. I was so excited
to do this that I forgot to take any pictures.
Not easy when you are up in the air 14' to 16' either.

The walls are ready to prime and paint! Did Ray mention how much he loves painting? :-)

In any event Beth is making sure that the kitchen is getting done!
She is even in the hallway! Ray look out if you stop moving you may get painted!