Now we are ready to cover everything up!
Wanting to move in some time soon Beth opted for us to hire out the drywall work.
Hum - do you think I am slow or just a perfectionist?
The drywall delivery is here!
Man they make moving those 12' long sheets look easy!
Stacking them in various places through out
the house will help when they are ready to install.

Check out the protective paper they installed before
bring in the drywall. It will protect the finished floor.

Thanks guys!

Can't forget about the kitchen area
so it gets its own stack.

Starting with the 9' ceilings.
We added sound absorbing insulation to the
bedroom walls just to make things quieter.
Front hall closet and part of the wall is being covered.
Opposite side of that same wall is going up.

the curved exterior dome walls help make some interesting lines!
Walk around closet in master bedroom.

Master bedroom wall set back.
The hallway presents another challenge!
or stated a different way "Hey I have an idea! Lets have a curved ceiling in the hallway!"
OK Ray you just can't keep it simple.

The first challenge is how to support it. After taking a few measurements and using a piece of plywood as our tablet we drew the hall width on it and then added the positions of the I joists. Then we drew the arch we wanted. Moving it up to just touch the underline of the I joists it was apparent that installing a modified 2x4 along each I joist would provide the 16" spacing for the supports. Upon close examination of the drawing you will see that it took a couple of try's to accomplish this.

The hallway will have a curved ceiling
(can't just keep it simple can you Ray?)
Here is a piece of drywall stuck up into the hall
ceiling so we can see or at least imagine what it will look like.

Sorry Beth - the drywallers didn't want to install it.
So together over a long weekend (time wise) we did it ourselves!

The masonite is up with its rough side facing out so the plaster will stick to it.
Note the sun tunnel in the corner of the hallway. That was fun!!

Note Ray's footprints on the ceiling - don't say he won't go to great lengths to get the job done.

Kitchen walls are covered too!
Wow its starting to look like something!
Now the joints have to be taped and plastered.