The kitchen walls need some extra blocking in order to hang the cabinets easier.
We used short pieces of 2x4's to accomplish this.
Upper block outs have been added to the wall
separating the kitchen and the utility room
There are lots of block outs on the wall
separating the kitchen and laundry room.

Kitchen bar needs them for the lower cabinets also.
Here is a close up looking from the laundry room into the kitchen.

Can't forget the electrical stuff either! Alex and Jerry are pulling the wires through the conduit we installed before shotcreteing the walls and floors. They had some real fun getting the wires through in some areas but they triumphed over all. Great job guys!

Lots of it!
Figuring once we get the utilities in the small utility room we won't be able to get to the studs to put up the drywall so we worked our tails off over the weekend to get it up and pretty well mudded before the plumber begins his work.
Here is a couple of views of the utility room once the drywall is up and before everything is installed. Note the heating pipes are sticking up out of the floor ready to be hooked up.

Not sure how Dale did it but he knew what each pipe
was for and what to attach it to.
Dale watch your elbows! That dome wall is rough.
Overhead view of the utility room. Did I say tight?
The water filtration system isn't installed yet.

Dale - great job!

We took the top of the wall off to lay the gas pipe
into it so it wouldn't be hanging on the
outside of the laundry room wall.

We also added insulation on all the hot
water pipes in the walls. No need to
heat the wall interior and the price of the
insulation is quite reasonable so it should
pay for itself quickly.

Having our two main bathrooms about 85 feet from the water heater it makes sense to add a circulation pump to our hot water system. We did have to add an additional pipe from the hot water heater to the farthest bathroom so we had a return path for the water. It has a built in timer so we can preset when it will operate. No need to circulate hot water all day long!