No matter how hard you plan you just can't account for everything!
The wall between the laundry room and the kitchen
is made of six inch studs. Note that the dryer exhaust
vent hits the edge of the wall studs.
Above is the 6" stove exhaust vent - note that it is half
way inside the wall!! How is that going to work?

Take a close look at the wall and note that we put 4" studs on top of the 6"
and aligned them with the kitchen side of the wall and that gave us enough
room for the
dryer vent to be usable.

We couldn't move the wall since the kitchen heating zone pipes exited the floor inside the wall

Grabbing the tool of choice in making holes in shotcrete (Hammer Drill) we where able to 'move the opening over about 6" for the stove vent opening.

Finally have the opening large enough - now to hack out the foam and cut through the rebar.
And I am out of hack saw blades!! It took quite a while buy persistence pays off.

Someone said "don't talk about plumbing - its too boring"
It is a vital part of building walls so we won't leave it out here.

All the heating pipes exit the floor in the utility room.
Plumber suggested that we install the walls in the utility room BEFORE they do any work since it will be virtually impossible to do it later. great idea Dale - thanks!

Bathroom wall vent pipes lead up into the ceiling.
Its a good idea to install blockouts over all pipes so the drywall-ers won't puncture anything (black plates).

The other side of the utility room before plasterboard.
Kitchen wall with the plumbing and the "blockouts" installed so it will be easier to hang the cabinets.

Almost forgot the gas pipe! We took the top rail off the wall and cut slots into each end of each stud and layed the pipe down in it and reinstalled the top rail.

HEY what are these cows doing here?

Copher get them out of here!
Great job Copher you will get a treat tonight!

Sorry couldn't resist. :-) We are in the country and cow's do visit from time to time.

Another hidden but essential part of any wall.
What would a house be without electricity?
Alex is hard at work running the electrical wires.

Just one of the gazillion electrical boxes.
Can't forget the low voltage boxes too!
Note the black box on the right.
It will supply the phone,
TV and in some cases Cat5 for computer hook ups.