There is a lot of work to do on the inside of the house!
Since we formed the footing along with the shell there is a lot of fill to be brought in to raise the floor level to the proper height.
Ordering about 11 truckload of crusher fines should give us enough fill!
Now we have to get the fill into the three domes that make up the house.
Good thing we didn't put the kitchen wall up against the patio!
Just have to drive through the patio past the pile of windows and doors
(right) and into the kitchen dome.

Look out here I come through the kitchen into the great room.
And on into the private (bedroom) dome.
Now dump the first of a trillion loads to go (at least it seemed like it!).
Now rake it out.
And our neighbor Ted rakeing it also.
No other easy way to do this.
Looks pretty smooth.
Our friend Joe runs the compactor all over the place
- man is it noisy inside the dome!
It look pretty close to grade and smooth!
Looking for the back of the kitchen dome on into the two larger domes.

Not bad you say wait we have to mess it up at least two more times!
believe it or not!