Exterior Work
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The exterior of the dome is still surrounded by the Airforms we made (see: Airforms if you missed the process) and underneath it is the polyurethane foam that forms the superior insulating factor of the structure.
The airform in our process was intended for shaping the domes only thus it must be removed.
Starting on the shop dome we released the airform from the footing bands we had mounted it with and pulling a bunch of it up and tying to off with a rope.
Through the rope over the dome an pull and pull and pull and pull - you get the idea!
Next came the center dome. I think we took too much this time! We had to tie it off to a truck and hang from the rope to get it to budge. We where thinking we would have to drive the truck down the hill for a while.
Illuminating them at night made it look like we had a gigantic pumpkin patch all lit up that night! Gotta have some fun. The neighbors think we are a bit crazy anyway so why not!
Now the house domes.
Watch out for the wind or you will be on the ground!
Maybe if we tie it off to the Bobcat.
Just about done.
Almost done!
Man the patio is a big dome! Tall too!

Protecting the exterior.

The Polyurethane foam must be protected from the sun and impact.

But first we need to add the exterior electrical boxes because once we apply the coatings we don't want to be patching things up. That's no fun!
After sanding the entire dome its ready to coat.
Mark is all suited up but first checks out the safety ropes as Troy assists.
Mark starts coating the lower portion of the dome.
He continues from above. Hang on Mark!!
He continues to cover the entire surface with one of four coats of elastomer coating.
All three are protected from the sun!
Just the bottom portion of the kitchen dome need coating.
90% of the foam surface is now protected. The valleys need to be ground down and smoothed out so we didn't coat them yet.
This is just the first of 4 coats of elastomer coating that forms the protective layer.
Synthetic stucco will be the final "beauty" coat.
Jnauary 2004!
Things are starting to look like something!
Are we excitted - YES!!

(We may be moved in by Christmas as we have been telling everyone!)