Our House Construction - Exterior Shell -
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House Shells
Rebar cutting made easy! Stick it in and squeeze the trigger! That's all it takes! Good thing - I think we have 100,000 miles of rebar.
Sheet metal outlined our cut out areas. A little duct tape to hold it in place during the initial shotcrete and we are all ready. This picture is after one layer of shotcrete (pre-shell).
Rebar everywhere (its required) Beth a little higher please!
Shop is shaping up!
Wow that looks nice!
Making room for the front room / dinning room!
Lets open it up! To make room for the Great Room!
Bedroom dome on the right
and the patio dome on the left.
View from the patio dome looking through the space where the Great Room fits and into the bedroom dome.
Night shot of all six domes with the Great Room lit up!
Lets not stop yet! Lets get the kitchen up this week also!
First we must cut away the patio portion that the kitchen intersects,
add forms into the patio dome to mount the airform to, and attaching the airform to the forms.
Pictured at the right we left the blower in the recently foamed front roomdome and just lifted the kitchen airform to inflate it.
Filling with air it gently rises. What a feeling to be inside when one of these domes goes up. WOW! I don't know how else to express it WOW!!
Fully inflated at the right.
View of the kitchen dome from the front door and hallway.
WOW this is exciting! Our last dome is up!!
Because the kitchen dome is the shortest of the group we can only get a group shot from up the hill. Check it out!
Our house has taken shape!
Wow What a week - Thats all I can say!