OK Ray & Beth are you nuts? What is this dome you keep talking about?

Lets explore what domes are, how long civilization has used them
and why they are a great structure for a house

Check out these links to see how long dome technology has been around:



OK I am interested! Show me more!!
A great resource for information on Monolithic domes. Monolithic Dome Institute
What is a dome?
Why build a dome?
What about earth quakes?
Just how well does a dome hold up in a tornado or huricane?
What is the construction process?
Dome survivability?
How well will a dome survive versus a regular (square cornered) building?
What type of soil will handle a dome?
Am I stuck with round or are there other shapes?
Just how efficient are they?

How energy efficient are domes?
The Road Home - First Steps toward your own Monolithic Dome Home
Fireproof? Show me!!
May 4, 2003 Missouri Tornado - a dome surived!
Do you want a safe room or a safe house?

As seen on HGTV:
Monolithic Domes

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