Mountain View Design
Our design began well over 5 years ago, Beth indicated that she had to be in one before committing to live the rest of her life in one. After visiting the Garlock House in Conifer, Colorado on one of our vacations to Colorado, Beth recognizing the advantages of a Monolithic Dome, and after seeing it, the choice was easy - "lets build one"!
Check it out for yourself - just click on the blue link (Garlock House) above.

After many months of pencil and paper we realized that we needed help. We took advantage of the free evaluation offered by Monolithic Dome Institute by sending them our sketches and other thoughts. We found out that our design would work but not very well!
We then realized that we needed to be more organized in our approach so we utilized a work picture as recommended by MDI. This is a time consuming but worthwhile effort. This also helped MDI develop a much better design. Something was still not quite right. In January 2002 we contacted Jim Kaslik (Cloud Hidden) who agreed to work in cooperation with MDI on our design. Take the time to check out his home and his personal site also.
Jim has done an excellent job of transferring our desires and dreams into a real life design.
Jim forwarded the final design to MDI in June and we should soon get the final blueprints.
Check out Jim's home featured on HGTV!
Renditions of what MountainView should look like when finished
Garage on right House on the left Patio in the middle Kitchen
Great Room House Design Camping on our future
house site
House Site
Did she do all that work? Tough work! Flattened house site More earth moved

Want to take a virtual tour of our home? Visit our designer's site
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