The following contractors have assisted us in building our new home.
Mountain View Dome - Designer

Jim helped us get unstuck from the mires of design problems with professionalism, whit and knowledge.

Thanks Jim!

Mert Hull is our dome builder.
Mert has built many domes all across the country for over 35 years.

If you are familiar with monolithic domes then you have heard of the Eye of the Storm
. Just one of his many projects
John provided the personal services to insure that our windows where what we ordered.
Dave and his crew are always helpful and full of information!
Great people to work with and a great selection of products and services. All our fixtures and fans etc are coming from them!
All Star Gas has given us great service and a very competitive price for our propane needs.
Alex has shown his flexibility on this 'new' type of construction.
His positive input has been greatly appreciated!
Dale has been a real help with the plumbing and fixtures.
He is a great resource!
Dave has been so very positive and involved with making our domes look as great as they can. His ideas and expertise is greatly appreciated!
Custom crafting our master bathroom shower
is a bit different in a dome.
We have had our Hague water treatment system for over a year now and it works great!
Gale and his crew saved us a few weeks in our efforts!
Wow what a great place to visit!
OK - yes they have wonderful art glass to say the least but
check out all the old stuff! Now I know where all those metal
lunch boxes went! They have rooms full of great antiques.
The people at JDL have been great in assisting us with our trailer dilemmas. Always helpful and seem to always have the right parts on hand! Thanks JDL for all our help.
Mark Foote

Mark is Mert's right hand man and the muscle behind the work.

Mert and Mark have been working together on domes for quite a while now.
Mark didn't want any notoriety but he does preform a large part of the dome building tasks so we felt it was important to recognize him and his efforts.
Mark this is the best picture we could get of you since you usually are working with your back to us (not your better side) :-)
Tim and his crew did a great job of installing the custom mirror in the master bath room.
These guys are great! Helpful, honest and quality products!
We love our Treker!