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Lets get the exciting stuff started! Click on the links below to see the process. The first week of construction!
Illustrates how we built our own Airforms for all seven domes.
Laying out where the house will set and providing a frost protection below grade and a perimeter drain system.

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Our exterior
construction stages:
What our designer indicated our home should look like
June 2003 we inflated our first two domes - the shop on the right and the left garage shell
July 2003 we have 4 of the 7 dome up and are working on the interior
August we added the great room dome
October 2003 The shell structures are done and we are working on the vertical exterior walls
January 2004 The interior is enclosed! Doors are in as well as all the windows
April - nothing like a late snow storm (The picture doesn't have a thing to do with construction but thought was cool to show you)
May 2004 we have stripped off the airform and are prepping the exterior openings getting ready for the exterior coatings.
June The first layer or exterior coatings have been applied.
September Each layer is a different color so you can tell what you have covered
October 2004 Night shot ALL ONE COLOR!!!! Right after finishing the stucco coating. We where so excited we had to illuminate it!
The next day - looks good in sunlight too!

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