Living out in the wide open spaces and having 40 acres causes one to accumulate implements for road maintainance and cut the weeds etc. They need a place to be protected from the elements. So we are building an agriculture building or in other words a BARN!But it must look like everything else around here so it's another dome!

Designers conceptual drawing
of how it should set compared to
the rest of the domes.
Footprint as compared to the existing domes.
Lets start digging to make room
for the 8th dome!
We had to clear some earth for the dome
to fit in the area and needles to say we
ran into a BIG problem right away!

Little by little we were able to break the rock up!

That left us with a big pile of rocks
even after we used a bunch for a
decorative edge around our cistern.

These are so cool! Lots of crystals imbedded
in them makes them great decorations.

Here is some close ups of the crystal formations. Check them out!

Now that the rock is cleared we can start the footing.
Thanks to Stan a friend and neighbor we where
able to dig out the footing.
Having a hill on one side and the inside of the
dome on the other I followed the backhoe
around with my bobcat picking up the dirt.

We will just add the dirt to the already
growing pile of dirt. There is a second one also.
Its amazing how much dirt you pile up!
Around Stan goes!
Almost finished.

The rough footing is done.
Now we just have to clean up the inside edge
We cut a trough wide enough to fit the
footing and a French drain.